History Of CMC

History Of CMC


History of Chandannagar

Urbanization of Chandernagore started centering round three localities Khalisani, Boro Kishanganj and Gondalpara. Chandannagar was established as a French colony in 1673, obtaining permission from Ibrahim Khan, the then Nawbab of Bengal, to establish a trading post on the right bank of the river Hooghly.

It became a permanent French settlement in 1688. In 1730 Joseph francois  Dupleix  was appointed governor of the city. In 1756 war broke out between France and Great Britain, and the British Navy captured Chandannagar on 23 March 1757. Chandernagore was restored to the French in 1763, but recaptured by the British in 1794. The city was returned to France in 1816, along with a 3 sq miles (7.8 km2) enclave of surrounding territory. It was governed as part of French India until 1950, under the political control of the governor-general in Pondicherry, though India became independent of Britain in 1947.


As per Chandernagore (Merger) Act,1954

Chandernagore merged with the State of West Bengal 2nd day of October, 1954

  Item 3; : "Chandernagore to form a part of West Bengal – (1) as from the appointed ;

; day  Chandernagore shall form part of the State of West Bengal ……."

 Item 14 :  " Rights, liabilities and obligations.(1) All rights, Liabilities and  obligations of

; the Central Government arising out of, or in relation to, the administration; of

Chandernagore shall, as from the appointed day, be rights, liabilities and;

obligations of the State Government …………."

The Chandernagore Municipal Act, 1955 (WB Act XVIII of 1955)

30th December, 1994:

The Chandernagore Municipal Corporation Act, 1990 (West Bengal Act xxxii of 1990) came into force.

At present the Corporation is governed as per The West Bengal Municipal Corporation Act, 2006 ( W.B. Act XXXIX of 2006).