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Internal Audit Report for the Financial year 2017-2018

Internal Audit Report for the Financial year 2017-2018

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As the nodal Ministry for urban poverty alleviation, in order to focus policy and programmatic attention on the issue of urban livelihoods in a structured way, the M/o Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation has envisaged to launch a ‘National Urban Livelihoods Mission (NULM). This will replace the existing SJSRY from the beginning of the 12th Five Year Plan. NULM would be target-oriented with specific focus on the primary issues pertaining to urban poverty such as skill up-gradation, Entrepreneurship development and employment creation through wage

employment and self-employment opportunities opened up by the emerging markets in urban areas. It will adopt a Mission approach.


The implementation of NULM in a Mission mode is essential as it will:

  1. Shift focus from the present allocation-based strategy and distribution of funds to a demand-driven paradigm that provides flexibility to States to formulate their own livelihoods-based State urban poverty reduction strategies and city/town action plans for poverty reduction;
  2. Address livelihoods concerns of the urban poor in convergence with  Programmes to tackle the multiple vulnerabilities of the urban poor: occupational, residential and social.
  3. Make States and cities/towns focus on tangible outcomes, time-bound targets and monitor the achievement of such targets so linked to specific poverty outcomes;

  4. Facilitate the building of key institutions of the poor and their capacity so that they can implement programmes by themselves with support provided by Government, civil society and other partners;

  5. Address the key structural deficiencies observed in the implementation of the present SJSRY, especially the lack of dedicated manpower and professionalism in implementation at the Central, State and City/Town levels; and

  6. Enable steady movement to the ultimate objective that the urban poor drive their own agenda to come out of the clutches of poverty and sustain their own livelihoods.